Friday, April 17, 2009

She's (a) Country Backstage Bettie Waiting on the World to Change

One of my dearest (and sadly, not nearest) bloggy friends, Sam, posted a fantastically fan-atic blog this week entitled "I'm Not a Stalker: I'm *Devoted*". You can check it out here. It is a wonderful tribute to all the men in the world that she is allowed to cheat on her husband with should she ever run into them at Wal-Mart, Costco, or other random location. Now, all us married folks have these lists. We may not admit it... or talk about it with our spouse... but it's an unspoken rule that just, well... is.
Sam, I hope you don't mind that I'm going to steal your idea--I just had to get on this bandwagon:) The thought of googling images to find The.Perfect.Picture was just too damn appealing to pass up. So let the list no particular order of course:

Colin Firth. Pic from the movie "What a Girl Wants". This girl wants.

Charles Kelley. From the country trio Lady Antebellum. AKA the brother of Josh Kelley, who is AKA Mr. Katherine Heigl.

Dierks Bentley. This guy can rock a guitar... and a tight pair of jeans.

Hugh Jackman. Hey... he wasn't voted World's Sexiest Man for nothing. This guy can do it all.

Philip Sweet. Of the country group Little Big Town. What can I say... I have a weird weakness for red headed men? (PS I chose this picture so that you could see how much hotter I am than his wife. Right....right???)

Nic Cage. Don't ask me why... I've just always had a thing for a brooding man in black leather driving a fast car.

Ryan Gosling. Just something about those bedroom eyes.

John Mayer. I'll forgive his previous indiscretions (aka Jessica Simpson) simply because of his amazing talent and hot tattoos.

Jason Mraz. Oh, I'll be his Backstage Bettie, alright. (PS There must be something too that raw diet. Fo' realz! Look at that body!! And no, I don't know what the knife is all about. Although it took me about five views to even notice.)

Ok. So I lied. This list is in random order for numbers 10-2, but this, my my number one. Introducing - for your viewing pleasure- Mr. Jason Aldean. Every girl has a weakness. He just happens to be mine.


Jen said...

Ryan Gosling is super yummy! I also like Colin and John Mayer. I've never heard of Charles Kelley. Thanks for putting him on my radar. :)

Kat said...

Mine is Colin Firth...MMMM Mr. Darcy.

chelle said...

hmm I am more of a Matthew Mcconaughey kind of girl .... Ooo and John Cusack .... Yup they can come to my Costco anytime.

Jessican said...

This so weird. I had two convos with two different friends about ultimate celebrity crushes. It's like God is directing me to make my own list :)

Love, love, love Colin Firth. The Jason Mraz pic is disturbing and yet pleasant.

Anonymous said...

Jason Aldean is the most gorgeous man in the world. I'm totally with you on that one!

2 Kids 3 Martinis said...

Oooo...I can tell that Jason Aldean wants you all up in his backseat, baby...

I made my celebrity crush list this week on facebook...that was fun! I made it as I was lying in bed next to my husband, who, I'm sure, wasn't all that thrilled about it! :)

Mommy of Three said...

yes you are much hotter than his wife!!!! what was he thinking. he should have snatched you up the night we met him instead of just giving you a great big hug. =)

Jessica said...

Jen: I just visited your page & I'm so stunned that I forgot Patrick Dempsey. He's definitely on the list as well. Talk about "Loverboy".. .WOWZA!

Kat: Strangely enough, I have never watched P&P. And trust me, I don't admit that to many:) My crush began with Love Actually. That movie is full of some beautiful men.

Chelle: I knew I would leave someone important off the list & you are right, John Cusack deserves a spot. High Fidelity is one of my favorites of all time.. he's just so...angsty. And hot!

JessicaN: I'm glad you found the picture disturbing, yet pleasant of Mr. A-Z. When I met him next, I'll ask him about the purpose of the knife in the photo. I'll get back witcha!

Anonymous: I don't know who you are, obviously, LOL, but I'm glad you came to visit. Swing back by anytime!!

Kathy: Yes, he does want me all up in his backseat. I thought I was the only one that could see that "Jessica-Come-Hither" look in his eyes, but I guess I was wrong. :)

Peggy said...

Sorry lost me at Phil Sweet...picked up a little with Ryan Gosling (although I might be old enough to be his mommy!) and you're missing Brad Pitt...or is that one just a universal understanding for all women.

Dierksfan said...

Dierks Bentley--definitely! He is my #1,2,3,4 and #5! No one else comes close!

brenda said...

That sounds fair... if she should meet them she should be able to say 'howdy'.

Jessica said...

Kris: I am STILL blushing over that occurrence with LBT. I can't believe you told him that, LMAO!! I"m so glad you're my SIL. We have such fun! We really need to go out together soon. But no drinking for me... I just got out of bed after last night. YOu know how I always say I'm not a rockstar? Well, DeAnna informed me that I'm not even a pop star, LOL!

Peg: I'm sorry you don't like my boys. Actually, I'm realy not sorry. More man-love for me!! Hehe...Brad Pitt was on my list after Fight Club (oh how I love that movie), but he lost me after the Angelina thing. And I probably should have pointed this out at the start of my post, but I've never gone for the conventional "cute boy" or "hot man". I always like the ones that are different:)

DierksFan: Thanks for coming by my page!! I love how it is totally clear from your screen name who you support it:) Nothing hotter than DB in "Settle for a Slowdown" video. Holy smokes!

Brenda: Yes, I do deserve that option:)a

Cyndi @ So Much More Than A Mom said...

My list would be much different (and maybe I'll do one tomorrow) but yours are all freakin' hot! I don't even know who your favorite is, never heard of him?!

Jessica said...

Cyndi: Isn't that the greatest... when there are so many men to go around? LOL Jason Aldean is a country singer. Youtube him for some nice eye candy:)

ToddKill said...

Of course, your hotter than everyone's wife! Uh, except mine that is, sorry Nea. I must be old and cliche, I still want George Strait!