Friday, February 27, 2009

Remember When We Said Girl Please Don't Go....

Have you ever been so excited that you just couldn't calm down? That you sweat profusely although you're clammy? Your heart rate is accelerated and you're shaking with adrenaline?

That's me right now. Talk about having THE BEST DAY EVER!

The first concert I ever went to was New Kids on the Block, January 19, 1990 at the Myriad Convention Center in Oklahoma City. I was literally in the nosebleed section, but I did not care in the least. I thought it was the absolute coolest thing I had ever seen. This is what the guys looked like then:

NKOTB Concert 2008 Pictures, Images and Photos
(Actually, that's a lot closer than I really was.)

Today, out of the blue, I got a call from a friend that he had one lonely extra ticket for the New Kids show in Tulsa on March 9th. I was going to say yes before he even mentioned that they are FOURTH ROW SEATS!

This is what the guys will look like this time around:

New Kids On The Block Pictures, Images and Photos

And this...

Talk to the crowd... Pictures, Images and Photos

And don't think I won't sink to this level, cause I so will.

new kids on the block Pictures, Images and Photos

I might just wear one of these.

nkotb shirt Pictures, Images and Photos

Or maybe a little flair would be appropriate.

nkotb Pictures, Images and Photos

I wonder if they'll autograph my poster.

NKOTB!!! Pictures, Images and Photos

I'll be loving them forever.

I'd rather Pictures, Images and Photos

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Random Thoughts Tuesday

One of my favorite bloggers, Sam, at, posted a fantastic meme today called Random Thoughts Tuesday (that she borrowed from a favorite blogger of hers... you know how the cycle works.). And let me tell you... THIS is an idea I can get behind. My blogs are so random anyway, but this is a nice reason to purposefully be random. So let the randomness begin!

* I keep changing my template on my blog simply because I can not find one I really like. They are all so boring and don't fully reflect my personality or what it is I want to say (whatever that is, LOL).

* While I was tanning for my wedding last summer, I walked out of the tanning salon, looked to my right and was staring right into the hoo hoo of a girl lying in a tanning bed. Apparently, she had laid down in the bed and NOT CLOSED THE BLINDS ON THE WINDOW (the window that was on the outside of an office complex-- so all the business people on their lunch break got a free show). I have no concept of how you could NOT notice that you were on view for the public---but either this girl didn't notice, or she just didn't care. I did go in and tell the receptionist that they might want to go inform her of the peep show she was providing, but only after I text messaged my husband. Imagine the look on his face when he got that message:) He, of course, reminded me that my phone has a camera. Oops. My bad;)

* I could eat noodles with soy sauce and pepper on it for dinner all the time, but my family won't let me.

* I truly love the fact that I am teaching my kids to love wonderful music. No Barney for us... we rock the car ride to school with Pink. There's nothing better than hearing your kids sing "I'm still a rockstar.. I've got my rock moves...". It's a beautiful thing.

* I am amazed by the things people wear on American Idol. They have stylists that actually have them wear spandex pants? WTF???

* I function best early in the morning and late at night. Anytime between, oh say... 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.-- just worthless.

* This is apparent by the title of my blog, but it must be said, yet again, since it is a random thought going through my brain right now. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to read. Other than quality time spent with my family, my favorite place to be is in bed, on my heating pad, curled up in my favorite comforter, and a good book.

* The other day I caught my daughter walking down our hallway singing, "Bom chicka wow wow". My son has sang this many a time, but hearing it come out of the mouth of my sweet little blonde angel was rather disconcerting. And really funny.

* When I hear a new song on the radio, the first thing I think is "Would this be good for a show?" or "What could I wear to sing this one?". I create elaborate costumes and performances in my head that unfortunately, never quite translate to real life.

I could go on and on.... but hey, there's always next Tuesday!!

Thanks for sharing the great idea, Sam!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Another (Sun)Day in the Life

I'm a fan of Sundays. I admit it. My favorite day isn't Friday (although it is super cool to go to work knowing you don't have to go the next day... most of the time.) Or even Saturday (although getting to sleep in as late as the kids' will let me is awfully sweet.) But Sunday is the day that does it for me.

This may seem weird and strange to many. So let me take a moment to justify this favoritism I'm showing towards the first day of the week.

- I often spend Saturdays lazing around simply trying to recover from the week before. And anytime we actually do have an event we need to be at, it's usually on a Saturday. Therefore, much of the day is shot just planning the logistics of getting myself and my three kids out the door:) And really, all of us moms know just how enjoyable that can be.

- Sundays often start with a melody running thru my head... "and I'm easy, easy like Sunday morning...". Who really knows what it means (although it sounds vaguely naughty:))? But it sure does hang around in the melodic portion of my brain all day. And who doesn't love having Lionel Richie in their frontal lobe???

- After spending Saturday recovering, by the time Sunday arrives, I'm usually feeling vaguely productive. So those piles of dishes, mounds of laundry and filthy car suddenly don't seem quite as overwhelming as they did on Thursday evening after a long day of work. And although I've mentioned previously my aversion to spending all my free time cleaning, on Sundays I don't resent it quite as much. Because for me, the end product makes it worth it. Starting a new week with a (relatively) clean, (fairly) organized house makes it oh so much better.

- CMT Top Twenty Countdown airs on Sundays. And who doesn't love some kick ass country videos??

Although there are many more reasons (that likely make sense to only me) why I love Sunday, I think my point is pretty clear. And I'm certainly not that only one that feels this way. While watching CMT Top Twenty over the past few years, I've encountered these examples of other Sunday-lovin' folks: Craig Morgan- "That' What I Love About Sunday", Keith Urban- "Raining on Sunday"; and the classic Reba- "Sunday Kind of Love".

I'm curious... now that I've laid my Sunday fetish out for all to see... which day of the week does it for you??

Sunday, February 1, 2009

And so it goes....

Well, so much for my resolution to blog more in 2009;) I'm great at visiting all the blogs I follow-- even if I don't always comment, I've likely stopped by and read the new posts. But I am horrible, horrible, horrible about taking the time to type a few words of my own.

So in an effort to remedy the fact that it has been three weeks since I last posted and to clear my head of miscellaneous crap so that I can get a good nights sleep... here's my random week in review from the Hall House.

The weather here was insane last week! I went in to work like normal on Monday morning, and by around 9 a.m. the roads were totally iced over. My firm ended up closing at 1:30 that day-- and trust me when I say they NEVER close for weather. You know it's bad if they shut down (cause that means they have to pay us for not being there:)). Tuesday both our daycare and school were out, so I had to stay home with the booger bears. School ended up being closed on Wednesday and Thursday as well, but thankfully the daycare was open, so I did make it into work those days. The kids of course that it was super cool to be out of school for their first ever Snow Days. We did a little redneck sledding down the street (using a wakeboard) and then of course had the requisite snowball fight. Followed by a little hot cocoa, it was good times.

If you saw my last post (yes, the one from three weeks/lightyears ago), you read that we were a little concerned about Darrell getting laid off. Luckily, he has not been laid off at this point, although many guys on the same jobsite have been. Now it seems that our new fear is that the Union he works for is going to go on strike. Apparently, the higher ups stopped bidding on jobs months ago and the workers are just now finding out. *sigh* Not exactly what you want to hear in the economic upheaval we find ourselves living in.

Other random side notes from the past week:

The transmission went out on Darrell's car.

Got our taxes done, filing married for the first time ever. Actually having to pay in for the first time in my life. Darrell said he wants a divorce. We'd certainly be richer that way:)

My 19 year old cousin Austin got married last night. (random thought: I can't even fathom being married at that age!!) It was a beautiful ceremony with the highlight being when my two year old niece took over the dance floor and put on her own show. Swear to you... she OWNED that room! It was awesome!

So there it is... for what it's worth. I swear my next post won't be so darn whiney. It's been a week of up and downs, that's fo sho. Here's to having BETTER week this time around!!