Sunday, February 1, 2009

And so it goes....

Well, so much for my resolution to blog more in 2009;) I'm great at visiting all the blogs I follow-- even if I don't always comment, I've likely stopped by and read the new posts. But I am horrible, horrible, horrible about taking the time to type a few words of my own.

So in an effort to remedy the fact that it has been three weeks since I last posted and to clear my head of miscellaneous crap so that I can get a good nights sleep... here's my random week in review from the Hall House.

The weather here was insane last week! I went in to work like normal on Monday morning, and by around 9 a.m. the roads were totally iced over. My firm ended up closing at 1:30 that day-- and trust me when I say they NEVER close for weather. You know it's bad if they shut down (cause that means they have to pay us for not being there:)). Tuesday both our daycare and school were out, so I had to stay home with the booger bears. School ended up being closed on Wednesday and Thursday as well, but thankfully the daycare was open, so I did make it into work those days. The kids of course that it was super cool to be out of school for their first ever Snow Days. We did a little redneck sledding down the street (using a wakeboard) and then of course had the requisite snowball fight. Followed by a little hot cocoa, it was good times.

If you saw my last post (yes, the one from three weeks/lightyears ago), you read that we were a little concerned about Darrell getting laid off. Luckily, he has not been laid off at this point, although many guys on the same jobsite have been. Now it seems that our new fear is that the Union he works for is going to go on strike. Apparently, the higher ups stopped bidding on jobs months ago and the workers are just now finding out. *sigh* Not exactly what you want to hear in the economic upheaval we find ourselves living in.

Other random side notes from the past week:

The transmission went out on Darrell's car.

Got our taxes done, filing married for the first time ever. Actually having to pay in for the first time in my life. Darrell said he wants a divorce. We'd certainly be richer that way:)

My 19 year old cousin Austin got married last night. (random thought: I can't even fathom being married at that age!!) It was a beautiful ceremony with the highlight being when my two year old niece took over the dance floor and put on her own show. Swear to you... she OWNED that room! It was awesome!

So there it is... for what it's worth. I swear my next post won't be so darn whiney. It's been a week of up and downs, that's fo sho. Here's to having BETTER week this time around!!

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2 Kids 3 Martinis said...

Wow! A yo-yo week, huh? Glad you got to go sledding...lots of fun especially when cocoa is involved! :)
Good to hear from you! It's been too long!