Sunday, January 11, 2009

Notes from The Hall House- Part 1 (January 2009)

The first two weeks of '09 have passed so quickly! Here are just a couple updates from the Hall House:

The kids have been cracking me up lately. Here's an excerpt from a recent conversation with my girl.

Mom: Jalyn, tell me about your day at daycare.
Jalyn: I played with ____ , she's my best friend. And I played with ____, he's my boyfriend.
Mom: Jalyn, you shouldn't have a boyfriend- you're only four years old!
Jalyn: But Mom-- he's four too! We're the same age!

(Something makes me think she missed the point I was trying to make.)

My normally loving son, Jaxen, has been a rambunctious little booger lately. Last night he used the word pussycat, but paused VERY long between the two joined words. We had just read a book about a pussycat called Mr. Pusskins (cute kids book, btw), so I thought his statement probably stemmed from the story. The hubby thinks he had some underlying knowledge of what the first half meant, and was pausing on purpose. Hmmm. You be the judge, I guess.

Jr. got shipped off to Ardmore to work at a hospital project there this week. He's been having to leave at 5 a.m. every day, work a ten hour shift and gets home about 7:00 p.m. On Mondays and Thursdays he has to go directly to class, so then he doesn't get home till almost 10:00. Due to the ten hour shifts, they do only work a four day week though, which is certainly good. The bad news is that the job is being shut down. The air conditioning guys on the job have already been sent packing. We're halfway expecting Darrell to get the news on Monday morning. I just pray that there is another job that his employer can send him out to. The problem with being a contract electrician in an unstable economy is that when every rich person freaks out and pulls their money from new jobs, it creates a ripple effect down the chain. I hope the ripple doesn't hit our house. I'm just a wee bit nervous.

Last week was the first full week back in the office, and thankfully, it didn't drag on too much. I'm trying to start the year as an organized, disciplined employee-- on top of my game at all times. It's hard to believe that the end of this month will mark one year that I've been at my new desk. To those who remember this very awkward transition time last year, I bet you are just as relieved as me that I've actually survived! :)

Friday night we went out to support a friend at a local show. We went and had dinner before hand (note to self from 2003ish: never a good idea to drink on an empty stomach), so by the time we reached the club for the show, I was too darn full to even care about having a beer. I don't think I even fully finished digesting until about 11:30, and by then, I was just tired and wanted to go home. Tired, irritable Jess around buzzed Jr.-- not always a good idea. Thankfully I made it home to my bed before any drama occurred:)

So there you have it. Nothing exciting really-- just the day to day life of a working mom with some really cute kids.:) How is 2009 working out for you so far?

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Sammanthia said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you that your husband keeps his job!
My thoughts on 2009? Meh.;)