Sunday, February 8, 2009

Another (Sun)Day in the Life

I'm a fan of Sundays. I admit it. My favorite day isn't Friday (although it is super cool to go to work knowing you don't have to go the next day... most of the time.) Or even Saturday (although getting to sleep in as late as the kids' will let me is awfully sweet.) But Sunday is the day that does it for me.

This may seem weird and strange to many. So let me take a moment to justify this favoritism I'm showing towards the first day of the week.

- I often spend Saturdays lazing around simply trying to recover from the week before. And anytime we actually do have an event we need to be at, it's usually on a Saturday. Therefore, much of the day is shot just planning the logistics of getting myself and my three kids out the door:) And really, all of us moms know just how enjoyable that can be.

- Sundays often start with a melody running thru my head... "and I'm easy, easy like Sunday morning...". Who really knows what it means (although it sounds vaguely naughty:))? But it sure does hang around in the melodic portion of my brain all day. And who doesn't love having Lionel Richie in their frontal lobe???

- After spending Saturday recovering, by the time Sunday arrives, I'm usually feeling vaguely productive. So those piles of dishes, mounds of laundry and filthy car suddenly don't seem quite as overwhelming as they did on Thursday evening after a long day of work. And although I've mentioned previously my aversion to spending all my free time cleaning, on Sundays I don't resent it quite as much. Because for me, the end product makes it worth it. Starting a new week with a (relatively) clean, (fairly) organized house makes it oh so much better.

- CMT Top Twenty Countdown airs on Sundays. And who doesn't love some kick ass country videos??

Although there are many more reasons (that likely make sense to only me) why I love Sunday, I think my point is pretty clear. And I'm certainly not that only one that feels this way. While watching CMT Top Twenty over the past few years, I've encountered these examples of other Sunday-lovin' folks: Craig Morgan- "That' What I Love About Sunday", Keith Urban- "Raining on Sunday"; and the classic Reba- "Sunday Kind of Love".

I'm curious... now that I've laid my Sunday fetish out for all to see... which day of the week does it for you??


So Much More Than A Mom said...

I love Sundays too, and for most of the same reasons. Saturdays we usually have some sort of activity or birthday party to go to. Sundays belong to us. Even if I never get out of my sweats and do laundry, I love them. The country music thing though, not so much. :)

Sammanthia said...

I love Fridays... I'm such a cliche.

Jessica said...

SmMtAm--- I won't hold it against you that you don't like country music:) You like Tony Bourdain... so you're golden in my eyes!

Sam.. where have you been? I've been missing your posts. They always make me laugh!! Hope you're doing well.

2 Kids 3 Martinis said...

me too on the Sunday thing. I'm drinking my coffee in my jammies right now and it's almost 10:00! :)