Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Random Thoughts Tuesday

One of my favorite bloggers, Sam, at myacuprunnethover.typepad.com, posted a fantastic meme today called Random Thoughts Tuesday (that she borrowed from a favorite blogger of hers... you know how the cycle works.). And let me tell you... THIS is an idea I can get behind. My blogs are so random anyway, but this is a nice reason to purposefully be random. So let the randomness begin!

* I keep changing my template on my blog simply because I can not find one I really like. They are all so boring and don't fully reflect my personality or what it is I want to say (whatever that is, LOL).

* While I was tanning for my wedding last summer, I walked out of the tanning salon, looked to my right and was staring right into the hoo hoo of a girl lying in a tanning bed. Apparently, she had laid down in the bed and NOT CLOSED THE BLINDS ON THE WINDOW (the window that was on the outside of an office complex-- so all the business people on their lunch break got a free show). I have no concept of how you could NOT notice that you were on view for the public---but either this girl didn't notice, or she just didn't care. I did go in and tell the receptionist that they might want to go inform her of the peep show she was providing, but only after I text messaged my husband. Imagine the look on his face when he got that message:) He, of course, reminded me that my phone has a camera. Oops. My bad;)

* I could eat noodles with soy sauce and pepper on it for dinner all the time, but my family won't let me.

* I truly love the fact that I am teaching my kids to love wonderful music. No Barney for us... we rock the car ride to school with Pink. There's nothing better than hearing your kids sing "I'm still a rockstar.. I've got my rock moves...". It's a beautiful thing.

* I am amazed by the things people wear on American Idol. They have stylists that actually have them wear spandex pants? WTF???

* I function best early in the morning and late at night. Anytime between, oh say... 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.-- just worthless.

* This is apparent by the title of my blog, but it must be said, yet again, since it is a random thought going through my brain right now. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to read. Other than quality time spent with my family, my favorite place to be is in bed, on my heating pad, curled up in my favorite comforter, and a good book.

* The other day I caught my daughter walking down our hallway singing, "Bom chicka wow wow". My son has sang this many a time, but hearing it come out of the mouth of my sweet little blonde angel was rather disconcerting. And really funny.

* When I hear a new song on the radio, the first thing I think is "Would this be good for a show?" or "What could I wear to sing this one?". I create elaborate costumes and performances in my head that unfortunately, never quite translate to real life.

I could go on and on.... but hey, there's always next Tuesday!!

Thanks for sharing the great idea, Sam!


Sammanthia said...

I do the same thing and it's a good thing I don't know anything about html because I would rearrange my blog EVERY. WEEK. My craptastic header is driving me crazy and every time I log on I want to cry a little. I'm working on it. I'm having to pay someone to do it, but someday...
Your tanning story? HILARIOUS! It's easy for me to laugh when it was, ahem, someone else flashing their hoohoo.
PS I heart you for saying I'm one of your favorite bloggers because you're one of mine. Smooches.

So Much More Than A Mom said...

The tanning bed peep show...you REALLY didn't take a pic?! I SO would have. It's how I roll.

I also LOVE to read, almost more than anything else.

No Barney here either... and Idol...couldn't agree more.

We randomly agree on many random things! :)

Jessica said...
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Jessica said...

Sam. As you can tell, I did it again. This page is driving me batty!

Cyndi. The fact that you just said, "That's how I roll" solidifies our friendship. HOLLA!!