Monday, September 15, 2008

The Right Road Home

Today marks the seven year anniversary of when Darrell and I began dating. To this day, I'm still amazed at how the smallest decisions in life can create such a ripple effect so that you are forever touched by the outcome.
My life as I know it began the day I walked into a little bar named Don Quixotes. I wonder what I would have said then if you had come up and told me that seven years from then, I would be married and have two children with the hot guy leaned over the pool table. And that the guy standing next to him would be my brother-in-law. And that he would marry and be the father of three children with the beautiful brunette girl sitting a couple tables over. Or that the dashing man and spunky blonde who owned the place would be my beloved in-laws.

I probably would have laughed in your face-- and then we would have had another shot:) Buttery nipple, please!

That fateful entrance into that particular bar changed my life forever, and confirmed for me once again-- that yes, everything happens for a reason. As I sit here tonight and think about the crazy turns life takes, I keep thinking of the words to a Lori McKenna song. And since she can say things so eloquently, in clever, clear ways in which I could never convey my feelings... I'm going to let her finish this out for me.

This one's for you, Darrell, should you actually stumble over to the OB and read this:) I love you. Here's to the next 7.

Someone was crying and the bells rang,
then I don't remember a thing.
you were talking but the words came -- from somebody else.

Someone said kiss her and so you did
I was smiling like a little kid.
you kissed my teeth and then we both hid-- inside each other's arms

All you really need is someone to be here,
Someone who'll never let you disappear.
This may be just a softer place to fall,
but someone will answer when you call.
And I will be that witness to your life.

Got that job and joined the Union
Fought every urge that told you to run.
Stared down the barrel of an empty gun-- and wondered a bit.
Stopped listening to all your friends,
they think this is where life begins and ends.
No one reaches, no one transcends,
They just learn to live with it.

All you really need is someone to be here
Someone who'll never let you disappear
And I will be that witness to your life.
You should never have to be alone
someone will always call you home.
and I will be that witness to your life.

Up the road, your car comes into view
and from our front lawn I just smile at you...
another day I thank the Lord that you
took the right road home.


A*B said...

So sweet!!! Things do happen for reason.....

2 Kids 3 Martinis said...

Awwwww! Nice story.
I don't believe there are any coincidences in life.
Happy 7th and many, many more. :)