Friday, August 7, 2009

It's Finally Here!

Finally... my vacation time has arrived!! I am officially off work until the 17th. Can I get a woot woot??! We have quite a few things going on during this time that I'm really excited about. First up: my soul sistah Renea and I have back to back birthdays (she is Aug. 12 and I'm the 13th), so every year we celebrate by having a joint birthday shindig. Nae and her hubby bought a beautiful new home this past year, and they are graciously opening their doors to our scandalous friends to celebrate tomorrow night. Getting all our peeps in one location takes an act of God these days, so I'm SUPER thrilled that so many people will be able to make it.

Our bday party is also taking place on Darrell and my's one year anniversary. When I asked him if he cared if we went to the party (I was trying to be a good wife & make sure he had made no anniversary plans without my knowledge), of course, he replied, "Sweet!!" What he didn't speak aloud was his inner voice saying "Hot dog! This means I don't have to come up with any plans!!" LOL-- I love my man, but I also know his inner dialogues very well.

Next up we have school clothes & school supply shopping on Sunday. It's tax free weekend (I just realized that I don't know if it continues on Sunday...guess I should check into that:)). Need to get the kids haircuts done that day as well. to be honest, I'm not looking forward to fighting the crowds and I'm really not much of a shopper, but I am going to enjoying picking out super cute outfits for my adorable children.

Monday morning I have to take Jalyn in for some five year old shots so that she'll be all current before starting kindergarten. That will definitely be the low point of the vacation week, but she has assured me that she'll be tough. After that's all taken care of... off we go!!! We're going to head to northern OK and spend the night in my husband's hometown and visit with his family that we don't get to see very often. Come Tuesday, we're headed for Robbers Cave State Park (also in Oklahoma) to stay in a rented cabin until Friday. My birthday actually falls on Thursday, so I'm excited about being in a spectacular & fun locale with the whole family. We check out on Friday, and then are thinking about heading into Ft. Smith and seeing what's shaking in the big Arkansas town, LOL! Then likely back to the hometown area to spend some more time there...likely enjoying the 100 acres & spring fed creeks that hubby's aunt and uncle own.

But my favorite part of this entire week is likely going to be when we pull into the park at the cabin. The kids don't even know we're going on vacation- much less that we're going to be staying some "cool" :) They are going to go CRAZY!!! And that, of course,is what it's all about.



Cyndi said...

Have a great vacation!!

shortmama said...

You know hubs was totally psyched that he was off the hook on coming up with some anniversary plans!

Have a great vacation!

Mommy of Three said...

yeah! i am so excited for you guys. you will have so much fun. and so will the kiddos. and yes tax free on sunday too. =) glad i am done. =)