Saturday, August 8, 2009

For My Husband

Years ago, when we first started dating, I composed a list for Darrell of things that I loved about him. I've decided that today, our one year wedding anniversary, would be a might fine time to compose a new list. I'm sure that some of the things will remain the same (and I'm sure that some of them you just really wouldn't want to know:)). I'm also going to include some pictures of us throughout the years...always good for a smile;) This one's for you, baby!! Thus begins:

Darrell's List/ Why I Love You (circa 2002)
Because you make me laugh
Because you love me even with morning breath
Because you think I look like a bulldog when I wake
Because you actually like my cold hands and feet
Because you love your mama dearly


Because you take care of others unselfishly
Because you love kids and aren't afraid to hold them
Because you are kind to animals
Because you are a hard worker
Because you always smell good


Because you look so damn sexy playing pool
Because you can make my heart flip by simply looking at me
Because you can light up a whole room with your laugh
Because you will sing with me
Because you will lower the shower curtain to make me feel tall


Because you will help me move in the freezing cold
Because you don't care that I sweat more than a normal person
Because you have faith in me and my dreams

Darrell's List (circa 2009)

Because you are a loving, hand-on father who was never afraid to change a few diapers or be a stay-at-home dad

Because you will give the shirt of your back to help a friend in need

Because you make our children laugh till they cry


Because you will ask about what book I'm reading--when I know you really don't care:)

Because you rub my aching back, arms, legs, etc.

Because you spent this entire summer making our front yard nice and green


Because you work so hard to be able to spoil our kids & me (in a totally good spoil kind of way, lol)

Because you are passionate about many things

Because you get even more handsome with age (which is highly unfair, by the way)

Because you've learned how to comfort me- sometimes I don't need opinions or things to be fixed, just need someone to listen


Because you don't laugh or get frustrated when I play (bad) golf with you... you're just happy I'm there.

Hey... it's the little things, right? I love you, baby, kudos to us for making it through the first year! Here's to many more to come!


chelle said...

awww you guys are soo cute! Happy Anniversary!

2 Kids 3 Martinis said...

That was so sweet. Here's to many, many more years of happiness to come! And to you and that kick-ass man of yours! {{clink}}-that's me toasting you on your first year!

Oh, and why, who's that seksi brunette up there? Wowza!

Cyndi said...

That was so sweet. Who knew you were so shmoopie?! :) Have a wonderful anniversary and great vacation. I loved all the pics.

shortmama said...

So sweet! What a great hubby youve got!

Kaye said...

Awww! Verrrry Sweet! Congratulations! I'm so glad that you have a good man!