Sunday, August 23, 2009

Grateful Sunday

It's already arrived. Sunday has crept up on me again, making me wonder, "Where in the world did the weekend go???". *sigh* Another work week awaits, five more days until freedom. I like my job, truly I do, but lately I've just been soooo out of work mojo. I think it's a vacation after-effect. Just can't seem to get back in the swing of things. Now that I'm done whining, here's my list of things that I'm grateful for this beautiful Sunday afternoon:

1. My job. Regardless of the moaning I just did in the sentences before, I am very grateful that I have a job, and that I enjoy the people I work closely with each day. I've worked in jobs that I hated, and know how fully blessed I am to have landed where I have.

2. You've Got Mail- movie with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks- circa 1998 (OMG.. I just had to look up the release date, and I can't believe it's been out that long!!). I love love love this movie. Two of my favorite actors, set against the backdrop of the book business. It doesn't get much more perfect to me. Add in the fact that I adore Greg Kinnear, and I totally lust after the Meg's brownstone in the movie, it's a constant re-watch in my house. It always makes me long for autumn, twinkle lights and crisp, new books.

3. Sturdy garbage bags. Operation Simplify started this weekend and I already have three huge garbage bags of items for the thrift store. I even placed on our curb a large toy that Jalyn no longer wanted and it was gone within 15 minutes. YES! I've been taking pictures of the process, and hope to share them soon.

4. Restaurants that deliver. I'm craving some hot wings, and think I'm about to place an order. I wish grocery stores delivered. Wouldn't that be awesome!?? I hate hate hate, absolutely DESPISE, going to the grocery store. Is there a grocery shopping internet site that I just haven't stumbled across yet? If there was, it would be number one on my Grateful List.

5. WordPress. For a variety of reasons, I'm in the process of converting the OB over to WP. I'm having fun stumbling around trying to figure things out, and I hope that my readers here will happily follow me over there once it's complete. But I certainly have to figure out what I'm doing first, LOL! It's definitely different from Blogger--but so far, it seems to be a little easier. (I'm sure I'll take back that statement when I become stumped and started hassling people for help:))

I hope everyone else is having a good Sunday as well. Thanks for visiting the OB!


Cyndi said...

Peapod delivers groceries. I hate grocery shopping too but could never bring myself to make them a list or to pay for the service.

I'm so happy you're moving to WP!!! I highly doubt you'll run into any trouble. It really is as easy as it seems. But if you do... holla!

shortmama said...

You finally get your email linked to your blog here and then you are going to switch to WP? LOL I cannot be of service to you there.

Jessica said...

lOL.. too funny! I'm actually really surprised at how MUCH easier WP is than Blogger. it's just been driving me crazy!!