Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dear So and So....

My sweet bloggy friend Amanda--you can find her here at (sorry, my stupid links aren't working again. I SO need a new computer). Anyway, Amanda has a wonderful weekly feature on her page called "Dear Someone" where you can write letters to anyone you feel may need a few choice words from you. Since I'm not smart enough to probably figure up how to link this onto her page to join the fun, I'm just going to go ahead and post it here, and then please make sure you visit her Family of Shorts. Trust me, it's well worth the click of your mouse!

Let the letters begin!!

Dear Jalyn, sweet daughter o'mine,

When you walk in the door after your first day of school, and say, "Mom, how was your day at work?", please don't get offended or frightened if I start to cry. Your kindness and thoughtfulness are just too much for me sometimes. Not to mention that I was almost unbearably proud of how compassionate you are.

Love always,

Dear Jaxen, six year old supa stud o'mine,

Your hair is the bees knees today. But trust me, your mohawk won't fall down if I touch it. There's no need to pull away from me. It's called Hair GLUE for a reason, you know.

Love always,

Dear Mrs. Mac_______, teacher whom I have yet to master the pronunciation and/or spelling of your name,
You can't possibly imagine how happy it made me to hear my son say, "My teacher is very, very nice. She has army men." You passed the coolness test of my son, and that's saying a lot. I know we are going to get along famously.

Thank you,
Jaxen's mom

Dear Lice,

Thank you SOOOO much for staying out of my daughter's hair so that she could get an adorable new haircut for school. I must admit, I was a nervous wreck when the lady at the salon started combing thru Sissy's hair. I kept expecting the "AAAHHH! No haircut today-- nasty bugs in her hair!!". I'm so grateful that you stayed away so that this did not happen.

Gratefully yours,
Mom of Lice-Free Children

DeAnna, soul sistah o' mine,

You always make me laugh with your embarassing stories. I can't wait till the next time you flip off a car that does NOT have your sister in it as you assumed, or the next time you rip out the ass of your pants while at work, surrounded by men, of course.

Jess, whose abs are grateful for the work-out you give them

Whew. I feel better after getting those things off my chest. What about you? Is there anything you'd like to say to anyone? Come on... you know there is...


Desert Rose said...

Hey..straight from the page of my real life friend shortmama! Right on. And nope, I don't mind you stealing the concert idea. And I will definately be posting on that concert.

Mommy of Three said...

haha those are hillarious. =)

shortmama said...

Ah you are so dang sweet!! You actually didnt miss any link ups, I have just been doing this lately...nothing official but am thinking of making it a weekly carnival to have people link up to...whatcha think?

sitting on the mood swing at the playground said...

Glad I found your blog (love the name). The letters are great!