Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm Melting!!

I keep getting on here and starting a post...and then never finishing. I'm going to blame it on the heat. It's totally sucking the life out of me!! I can't even remember the last time it was under 100 degrees. The new forecast is that we may hit the 90s sometime next week. And I find it so incredibly sad that I'm excited about that!!!

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And in closing, I thought I'd give you all a giggle for the day.

This is what I normally look like:

Here I am with the big sunburn circa '09- Courtesy of Lake Draper, OKC, OK.

But at least it's faded into this... I don't look quite so much like a tomato. *And yes, I'm rocking a nametag. Don't be jealous.*


shortmama said...

We were 113 degrees today!!! And no relief in site!

shortmama said...

um or sight!

Cyndi said...

LOL - rockin' the name tag, huh? :)

At least it turned into a nice tan, or will soon.

I'm actually jealous, we are having an extremely mild summer here and in Chicago, it' the only 3 months of the year I actually look forward to normally.