Sunday, July 5, 2009

Grateful Sunday

Five Things I'm Grateful for on this Sunday:

1. Cool summer evenings. We had a torrential downpour yesterday (yes, it resulted in the cancelling of most of our local fireworks shows. But no fear...they plan to release them next Friday, LOL. How's that for... Happy Tenth of July!), so today has been relatively cool compared to the last week. I'm enjoying sitting on the porch and NOT having sweat roll down my back. Ahhh.. it's the little things in life.

2. 7-layer bean dip. My sis-in-law made a delicious dish of it for yesterday's festivities and my belly is still doing a happy dance. The only thing she should do differently next year is MAKE MORE!!:)

3. Funny pronunciations of words by my kids. My husband has been trying to teach my six year old son how to say dwarf (sidenote: there is a dwarf as a character on a video game they are playing- that's where that came from). Jaxen is having difficulty putting the d and the w sounds together so he's going around saying "dorf". Hehehehe....

4. Restraint. Right at this EXACT moment in time, I'm grateful for my ability to hold my tongue when my husband acts like an a**.

5. My bed. It's calling my name, and I can't wait to jump in it!

Happy (Belated) Fourth to everyone! Hope you had a wonderful holiday... and got to see some fireworks:)


shortmama said...

It is hard to bite your tongue when they are being a55es isnt it?!

Mommy of Three said...

yeah i am glad you liked the bean dip!! i am definitely going to make it more often for our get togethers. =)

Sam said...

Seven layer taco dip is one of my reasons for living. I love it THAT much.

Cyndi said... it! I've missed a lot. Love the new design but what happened to the green you love so much?!

Jessica said...

ShortMama: Yes, it is hard to bite your tongue. Men should be smarter and not piss us off when we're blogging, LOL.. then their a**hole-ishness gets laid out there for all the blogosphere to see;)

Kris & Sam: LOVE me some 7-layer dip. And spicy bean dip. And hummus. And queso. And salsa. Really.. if I can dip a chip in it.. I'm golden!

Cyndi: I know, I feels weird without my green,but I was just needing a little shake up. I'm sure I'll change it again soon!!