Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts: I'm Not Even a Popstar

  • Ryan said "Abdul drool" tonight on AI. I'm totally stealing that line. Don't know when or how I'm going to insert it into daily conversation, but I'll find a way.
  • Went out Saturday night with the crew. And wowzer. I am WAY too old to partay like that. (BTW, I say that every single time I go out. That, and, "I will never drink again". You see how well that works out!). Started the night with a delicious dinner (and beers). Moved on to a friend's house for conversation (and beers). Then joined up with the hubby for some pool (and beers). Are you seeing the pattern here?? Me and my headache stayed in bed till about 3 the next day. That will prove to you that I am not making it up when I say that "I am not a rockstar". As my loving friend DeAnna said, "Jess... I don't think you're even a popstar".
  • While recovering from the night before, we watched a bunch of movies on Sunday, including "Beerfest" which made me nauseous as hell the entire time I watched it. WTF was I thinking??
  • My little baby girl went on her first school field trip today. They traveled to the zoo and of course, her favorite part of the whole trip was the bus ride. She thought that was AWESOME!
  • My sweet son has decided to start busting out inappropriate song lyrics. The most recent example is "I like big butts and I can not lie...". I blame it all on Shrek. If he had learned it from me, I would have at least taught him the acoustic stripped down version.
  • I wish there was a dinner fairy that would visit my house every night. I really hate having to come home and figure out dinner after a long day at work. Especially in the summertime, my appetite drops and it's hard to get excited about cooking a full meal when I'm not even hungry. My kids have learned to make a mean PB&J, LOL!
  • Oh, I almost forgot! I finally watched Twilight. I read the books long ago and I had such high hopes for the movie... but nope. I spent the first twenty minutes thinking how stupid Edward was acting. Like the scene where he puts his hand over his mouth and rushes out of the classroom? Fo reals? Nice acting there, Robby. I'm going to watch the commentary version though and see if it changes my opinion any. I bought the damn thing, so I'm hoping it grows on me. Like a fungus. Like Abdul drool. HA! Told ya I would do it! I know it didn't make sense, but it still made me giggle:)

Night, all!


Kat said...

My favorite part was always the bus ride too and eating a packed lunch (I was a hot dinner kid and always loved it when my mom would make me lunch). We used to go to Mt. Vernon (George Washington's house) all the time when I was in elementary school and we used to get to sit in a grassy area next to the buses and eat our lunches. Mmmm bus exhaust and PB&J!

chelle said...

twilight ... I treat the books and the movie as separate entities.

Sammanthia said...

I love Twilight. I can't help it. I've watched it 3 or 4 times since I've bought it and even though it's not what you would call "Oscar worthy" I love it.
Slap me, please.

Cyndi @ So Much More Than A Mom said...

LOL - this whole post cracked me up! :)

RhoRho said...

Ummm, where have you been all my life! I totally love your blog and addin' you right now! BTE the kings lived in OKC at tone point - that might possibly be their mom or Nacho's - the cousin's mom?!?? Go listen to them! Now.

Jessica said...

Rho: Thanks for visiting my page:) I'm glad you like it....come back anytime you'd like:)

Brenda said...

If you ever find a fairy to cook, clean and make magic happen PLEASE send her over my way. OH I wish.

I hadn't read the Twlight books -- better than the movie? Reading Angels and Demons in a hurry before the movie comes out next month...

A♥B said...

Im sorry, I almost fell out of my chair at the popstar comment. Too funny. I also am never going to drink again after every time I drink.... Do we ever learn??? LOL Loved it!