Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Random Thoughts Tuesday

Here I go again, jumping on the Random Thoughts Tuesday train....

* My neighbors across the street are cleaning their garage out and piling stuff on the curb. Do you think Jr. would notice if he came home and our garage was empty? I'm really tempted to ask the neighbors if they are for hire to do the same to our house.

* I started to watch Chocolat today, and suddenly had the brilliant idea to watch "Under the Tuscan Sun"...again. For about the fiftieth time. I LOVE this movie. Has anyone else read the book? One of my favorites of all time as well. (Side Note: Has anyone else noticed that Kate Walsh and Sandra Oh play the lesbian couple in this movie?--I wonder if some big Grey's Anatomy producer saw this movie.)

* I am so ready for Saturday. Reason #1: Follow up appointment with the dentist so I can finally see the work that was done of my gums and see how it looks. I've been forbidden to pull down my bottom lip and sneak a peek at it before then. Reason #2: The kids birthday party is that afternoon and I'm really looking forward to watching them have an amazing time. Mom of the Year Award.. .here I come!!!!! LOL

* God, it's hot in this house. I don't want to bitch though. It's not often that you can open up all your windows, turn on the fans, and be sweating in March. I love this weather, but I absolutely refuse to turn on the ac this early in the year.

* I never thought I could crave Mexican food as much as I do right. this. very. second. Chips, salsa, jalapenos, lard-laden refried beans, fishbowls of Tecate with salt & lime... can you hear my stomach growling??

* This weekend Jalyn dubbed herself "Birthday Girl" and me "Gum Girl" (due to my dental surgery). So when the boys left to go somewhere on Saturday, she said, "Hey Mom.. it's just Birthday Girl & Gummer Girl in the house!". It seems that I've acquired another nickname.

* Salsa...enchiladas....

* I've been reading the newest J.D. Robb book. I find it funny that I don't usually enjoy books written under her real name, Nora Roberts, but I always love her J.D. Robb titles. What's up with that??

* Fajitas...shrimp cocktails...guacamole...

* I haven't seen much of my crew lately. I don't really know why that is, but it feels like forever since I've seen my friends. Boo.

Hope to see you jump on the Random Train as well.. it's a fun ride!!!


chelle said...

It is funny how authors can have a whole new voice when writing under another name.

mm love Mexican food!

Peggy said...

Hi Gummy Girl (oh yeah, it's gonna stick!)...how do you find the time to read so much when you have two little ones and a blog!? Do you ever get to sleep?

I seem to spend all my free time lately online reading blogs! I go through phases...

Quesadillas! :)

Sammanthia said...

I should write another a different name. Maybe then I would be allowed to attend family functions.;)
I'm sorry about the stitches! Forgive me?

Kaye at Kaye's Kreative Korner said...

Margaritas! Is it May 5th? Are you preggers? (ya know, the cravings?)

Jess said...

Chelle: I'm the same way with Jayne Ann Krentz. She writes contemporaries under that name, futuristic romances under Jayne Castle (which I love even more) and Amanda Quick (historicals). How do people have time to write that much anyway???

Peggy: I read fast, which definitely helps, LOL, but I do sneak in reading whenever possible. Lunchtime at work. Bedtime. Bath. Wherever I can:)

Sam: Yes, of course, I forgive you, simply because you always bring humor into my day!

Kaye: Nope, LOL, not pregnant. Can't be-- had a tubal ligation after Jalyn. My Mexican obsession stems from the fact that I haven't been able to eat the past few days. I was starving when I wrote this post, loL!

Anonymous said...

Ah....the missing girlfriends post. Too bad we can't hang out and drink and not do debaucherous things...like you said. :)