Monday, October 6, 2008

Four Things

I've been tagged by my girl Heather over at Stelliform (let's see if I did that link right..I'm still learning this stuff. Hope it doesn't take you to some crazy site, LOL) to complete this 4 Things Survey. Read on if you wish, but please go visit her site as well... it's wonderful.

Four Places I Go Over and Over:
1. Work... and after Heather's sudden work debacle last week, I have never been so grateful that I have a place of employment to go to every day.
2. The bathroom. Self-explanatory, right? Just suffice to say that my already pea-sized bladder has never been the same since having children:)
3. The gas station. Whew. Thank goodness gas has finally made it below three dollars a gallon.
4. The library. See prior blog post regarding my local library. (Will someone please teach me how to insert links to back blogs??? LOL)

Four People Who E-mail Me Regularly
1. Heather
2. Shannen
3. DeAnna
4. Dad

Four Places I'd Rather Be Right Now:
1. At a bookstore. Never can get enough of that crazy place;)
2. At the pumpkin patch with the kiddos. We LOVE Halloween & autumn in general at my house.
3. Elk City. I miss my fam.
4. Having dinner at my in-laws. Haven't seen them in quite some time & I am missing their company (not to mention Debbie's ghoulash:))

Four TV Shows I Watch:
1. Spongebob
2. American Idol
3. America's Funniest Home Videos
4. CMT's Top 20

Four Things I Have for Breakfast: I am bad about eating breakfast (unless I'm South Beaching it):
1. Coffee (the one thing I DO have on a daily basis!)
2. oatmeal
3. sausage biscuit
4. sausage & cheese kolache from our local donut shop.. yummo!!

Four Animals I Like Best
1. Koalas
2. Elephants
3. giraffes
4. kangaroos

Four Beaches I've Been to
1. South Padre
2. Castaway Cay (the Disney owned island)
3. Nassau
4. Hmmmm... I can't think of any others.

Four People I'm Tagging to Do The Four Things Meme
1. Sammanthia at The Edge of Insanity
2. Kathy at 2Kids 3Martinis
3. Amie at A*B's Words
4. Shannen (I know you're stalking my page.. just admit it:)... you can leave yours as a comment!)


A*B said...

YAY!!! I love, love, love these things! Now I have to figure out how to link it back to your page. I suck at that. Google questions here I come!LOL...

Sammanthia said...

I'm such a dork, I LOVE memes! I just did one this week and I'm so ready to do another one... I haven't been feeling very inspired lately (hence the short, boring blog post from today) so now I've got something to post this week (or Monday). Thanks!
ps BTW, I've just switched over to Google reader b/c Bloglines hasn't been updating some of my feeds. Yours was one of the ones not updating. Whoops.I'll be back sooner from now on, I pinky swear.;)

2 Kids 3 Martinis said...

Oh, you silly girl! I'll get to it when I can!
Love reading your meme stuff. You always have such great answers to things. :)
I've missed hearing from you lately! Life is busy, busy, busy here.
Hope you are well! :)