Sunday, October 26, 2008

And she returns....

Oh my Lordy... how time flies! It has been fo-evah since I've posted on here. For the three, maybe four, people who care where I've been, here's an update on the Hall House:)

1. At the end of September, my electrician husband decided it was time to do some rewiring in our house. A project we had been putting off until it cooled down outside. I kid you not... the man looked at me and flat out said he would be done in approximately three hours. Well, over a WEEK later, I finally didn't feel like I was living in a Flip This House episode. And I'm not quite certain what happened during that time period, but now my wireless doesn't work.

2. That being said... I hate having to sit at the PC to blog now. I sit at a computer all day at work, so the last thing I want to do at night is sit in this spot. Also, for some unknown reason, captcha codes don't work on this computer. Meaning... I see the box saying "Enter your verification code here", but I see no picture. You can see the dilemma this presents in posting comments, LOL. So if you receive a comment from a random Jessica with no pic... chances are it's me, leaving comments through the Open Id.

3. Computer woes aside, there are some good things going on in my life, I promise;) Last week I travelled to Dallas with two of my dearest friends to see Jason Mraz in concert. Many, many stories I could blog about out of that trip, but suffice to say that I hurt for the entire day afterwards just from laughing so freakin' hard! Good times-- (BTW... did you know that there are two dry cities (yes, cities... isn't that weird???) in the Dallas metro area? And of course, we happened to book our hotel in one of them, LOL. Gives new meaning to the words "beer run"!)

4. Work is absolutely kicking my butt. Nuff said about that.

5. The kids had their first Halloween party last night. And I'm proud to say that my sweet little boy absolutely beat the sh*t out of the pinata and was the one to crack it open. Of course, he then got trampled by all the other kids wanting the candy. Luckily, Nana got it all on video.

6. So I guess that's all that's been going on here. I've got to get to work on doing yet MORE laundry. Does it ever end???

Hope all are well--- sending bloggy love your way!!:)


A*B said...

Oh my gosh girl I had been wondering about you! Glad all is well.

Sammanthia said...

Glad everything is going well... busy, but well.
Were you saying you have a laptop? I'm so jealous. My kids are constantly hijacking the computer (even Ryerson, who's three... It hurts a little to close out of whatever I'm doing so he can play Dora.) and I've been hinting for a laptop for a year now. Obviously Mark isn't taking my hints... I think he's just ignoring me.;)

2 Kids 3 Martinis said...

Well, hey! Glad you're back!

I laughed about your being proud of your son for beating the shizzle out of the pinata! I just love that!

Hope the wiring is good and no more inconveniences in the near future! :)