Friday, September 5, 2008

Why I Blog

I just ran across a really intriguing meme over at . So I thought I would give it a whirl. I'm interested to hear everyone else's responses!!

5 Ways Blogging Has Affected Me:

1. Through blogging, I have met some really cool people. Although some of the blogs on my list are written by people that I actually know here in the real world, I have a few virtual buddies that have developed as well. Specifically, Kathy over at 2Kids3Martinis is just a laugh a minute. Love that crazy girl! And I've had the opportunity to connect with JessicaH. over at Fustian that I sadly only got to spend time with on one occasion while she lived here in OKC. Really, Jessica...what's up with that??? I think you're crazysupercool (and we all know you have an awesome name!), and only got to chill with you circa St. Paddy's Day 2006. Bummer. God bless blogger for letting me get to know you a "wee" bit better:)

2. This blog allows me to share some of my brain process with my dear ole' dad. I get busy at work and don't communicate via e-mail as often as I should. And I HATE to talk on the phone, so I certainly don't call as much as I should either. Via my blog, my dad can keep up with what's up in this crazy brain. And hey... if he likes what he reads, he can comment. If not, he can ignore it. Gotta love that, LOL! There's always a certain danger to allowing your parents to read what you write...but I figure I'm 30 years old (Oh crap, I just turned 31- and totally forgot!!). Anyways, there comes an age at which you just have to say, "This is who I am" and just try not to reveal any deep dark childhood secrets via blog:) PS Love you, Dad!

3. I have always loved to write, but have fallen off the journaling bandwagon since having kids. Since I am much faster at typing than writing, blogging is a much more efficient way to release my thoughts. Most of the time, they aren't even important thoughts, but I can sleep better knowing that I've released them into the blogging void for any and all who are to read them.

4. I can share my love (or dislike) of books with others. Although I love Darrell dearly, we are definitely opposites in a lot of ways. Darrell likes to hunt and work on his old trucks. I like to read and sing. I'm definitely the more artsy-fartsy one in the relationship. I've bought him a couple books, but the only one he actually read was The DaVinci Code. (Funny sidenote: While reading DVC, he was so caught up in the book, you couldn't even speak to him without him snapping at you. He totally ignored all of us until he finished the last page. *Hmmmm* Guess it was good to get a taste of my own medicine:)) I recently bought him a Bear Grylls book thinking that it would capture his interest since BG is his tv boyfriend, but it's still sitting in the bag. Occasionally I will try to share my opinions about a book with him, but suffice to say, he doesn't give a shit. But he pretends to listen, and I guess that is what really matters:)

5. Blogging gives me something to do. Now that the wedding is over, I don't know what to do with my evenings. Some days I feel like life is anticlimactic now. I've had the kids. Bought the house. Gotten married. What's next??? I know there's always some endeavor right around the corner, but right now, I just can't seem to see it. I need a goal!!!! Oh wait. I do! Finishing this blog!!

So there you have it. That's why I do this crazy thing called blogging. What about you?? I'm curious!


stargurrl13 said...

I blog, therefore I am.

See how much I love you?.....I pulled myself from The Pioneer Woman's archives to read your blog!

I may have to do this to help me fulfill the everyday quota I've set for myself.

PS....did your dad see that both you and I want him to start blogging?!? He knows we're not joking, doesn't he?

Jessica said...

When I first started this blog and sent the link to my dad, he said that he "didn't see how I could do that". So I think the odds of GDaddy starting a blog are pretty slim:( Although I'd be happy to set it up for him!!

2 Kids 3 Martinis said...

Awwww! I <3 you too! We SO gotta hook up and PAR-TAY down sometime, girl. I've never been to Oklahoma (that I can recall, anyway)...hmmmm...

I think it's sweet that you and your dad stay in touch this way. He's getting cooler in my book all the time!

Interesting post. I blogged, in the beginning, to keep my family/friends informed after we moved 600 miles away from home. Now, it has evolved into a hobby where I let my brain, basically, take a huge crap on the internet. I think I've offended some family because they don't talk to us anymore :(

Keep bloggin' girl!!!!

Jessica said...

The fact, Kathy, that you just said "let me brain, basically take a big crap on the internet" explains exactly why I think you're the shizz. And yes, I just said shizz. I'm a gangsta...didn't you know that about me??

Still laughing...

God that was funny!

Sam (TEOI) said...

I also started blogging to keep friends and family caught up on everything that's going on with us... we moved pretty far away from everyone a couple years ago, and this was a nice easy way to do it.
Now, I blog for my kids... I don't have anything important to say, but I hope when I'm gone they'll look back and remember some of the stuff I wrote about, and know that even when I was crawling up their butt, I loved them and had a sense of humor about stuff.

A*B said...

I just wanted to let you know that I awarded ya. So go grab it if you would like. I'm not sure how I happened on your blog, but I enjoy your posts. So just wanted to say "Well Done".

Jessican said...

Thanks for the shout out. I think your are swell too.

The reason we didn't get to hang out more is because of the Law of the Awesomeness in Jessicas, which states: If n = number of Jessicas, and y = their awesomeness level and k = how many cool friends named Heather they have and X = the awesomness in the room before hand, than the world will dissolve into an awesomeness black hole if
Y(n)+ K > 3^2 - X

We just can't have that kind of destruction on our hands.

Jessica said...

Jessican-- you are SOO right! I can't believe I didn't remember that equation! Thanks for the reminder:)

Rebeckah said...

This is a good meme! Someone just tagged me to do it. I love that this connects you to your Dad more. I think that is beautiful! I also love that this is an online journal. It will be so fun to look back in a few years and see what you were going thru, right?