Friday, September 12, 2008

The Books that Bind

The library. As a child, I spent a LOT of time at our local library. It was beautiful, cozy, and had the best children's librarian of all time, Mr. Dixon. The children's portion of our library was on the bottom level of a wonderful old building. So although it's not technically underground, it felt that way, which definitely added to appeal of the place.

I would stay for hours, walking along the shelves, trailing my fingers along the spines of all the books that were just calling my name. I can still remember the layout of the categories. Now, as an adult, I work just a few blocks from our beautiful downtown library branch.

It is spacious, full of light, and very modern looking, all very different from the library of my childhood, but the appeal is the same. I visit it at least once a week. And yes, I still trail my fingers along the book spines.

Now it's your turn-- what's your library like? Do you have "good" library memories from your childhood?


Rebeckah said...

Your library is beautiful! I wanted to come by and say hi since I have seen your compelling comments on my new friend Heather's blog. I just saw your comment on Jessica's blog about the wii. Do you guys have one? Heather sent me a list of some fun activities that she has done with your kids. Do they love the library as much as you?

Jessican said...

My childhood library, in retrospect, was small, but as a child I remember feeling overwhelmed by the amount of books inside. I didn't know where to begin!

I spent more time in my college library than any other. The building was made of gross concrete with a very strange layout, but I spent so much time there working as a student assistant and studying for classes, that it became a second home.

My favorite memories come from job there. I received most of the new books and loved to the be the first one to open the boxes, see the books, and flip through them. It was like a little parade of reading of possibilities. More than once I put a hold on a book I wanted before it even made it to cataloging : )

I love to wander the stacks of the library I work in now. Over the summer months we don't have many Fellows or researchers around so I sometimes take the long route to the copy machine and just walk the stacks and look at all of the books. Most of them are in foreign languages, so I could never read them, but it feels very comforting to be surrounded by so many books.

ps. Do you know my friend Sheldon that works at the main library?

Sam (The Edge Of Insanity) said...

We live in a small town in KY so there's just not a lot of funds there (they still use the cards in the pocket inside the book jacket- I kinda like it). It's really old and the book selection isn't that great but I still go because they still have more books than I'll ever read.
LOVE your library, it's gorgeous!

2 Kids 3 Martinis said...

I spent waaaay too much time at the library as a child/teenager. I shoulda been out more, sleezing it up like the drunken hussy I aspired to be.
I did arrange a few clandestine meetings there though with boys who my parents would forbid me to see. HA! Pulled the wool over their eyes a few times!
I guess I did learn a few things while there though...
Lovely new look, by the way.

Jessica said...

Wow! Look at all my comments.. what a pleasant surprise, LOL!

Rebeckah- Nice to finally "meet" you:) I've heard such nice things about you from Heather. In response to your question-- no, we don't have a Wii. My sister does though, so I've played hers a few times. I can see how addictive it would be. The only reason I really want one is so that my son can play the light saber game that is out for it. He would go ape sh?t!! Seriously. This kid is addicted to Star Wars!! And yes, the kids love the library as well. We go about once every two weeks and let them pick out some books. I think we're going to get their own library cards soon, which is so exciting!!

Jessican- I am so jealous of your new job. What an amazing opportunity!! And I bet you love every minute of it. I'm not sure if I know Sheldon. What does he look like? It's normally women that assist me, but there is a guy that I see there often that I guess could be him.

Sam-- I LOVE that your little library still uses check-out cards! That's awesome! We have a huge sale here once a year put on by our Friends of the Library. It literally takes up an entire building on our fairgrounds and is quite possibly, the highlight of my year:) The reason I mention this is because I have seen books there with the check-out cards glued in the front, and it makes me want to buy them! I love the history and nostalgia factor that it provides.

Kathy-- Just because I'm such a bookwhore didn't mean I didn't arrange my own little trysts at the library as well:) Not only did I actual meet one of my high school boyfriends there, but I spent a fair amount of time in the "adult" area sneaking reads of saucy love scenes:) Funny side story: I got drunk for the first time in my life with the head librarian's daughter. Oh... the secrets a small town can hold:)