Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sometimes a girl just needs....

1. A cute dress.


2. Some killer boots.


3. Dinner out... maybe for some red beans & rice.


4. A little alcohol...maybe an extra, extra, EXTRA dirty martini...


5. And a night out with a really hot boy.


6. Or your crazy ass girlfriends.


I really need to get out of the house.


2 Kids 3 Martinis said...

I hear ya!

Nice jugs by the way...I'm a little envious. They're so perky, you bee-otch! :P

I like the new blog design too; nice!

Jessica said...

LMAo--- girl, that is with a MAJOR push-up bra and a low cut shirt pulled down. Gotta help nature out a wee bit:)

Had to chose a new template design cause I couldn't get any of my pics to fit laid out the other way. Fruat-A-rating!!

stargurrl13 said...

Girl.....I wish you had come to Owasso with me! it would have been such a fun time. Do we need to go out sometime this week?

Jessica said...

Oh how I wish I could get out this week!!! I don't know if I can though. Jr. starts back to school on Thursday (boo hiss), which means he will likely spend either tomorrow night or Wednesday night frantically trying to get his books purchased. LOL.. u know Jr.:)
And sadly, it's probably good that we didn't go to Owasso since Jaxen spent half the weekend puking. *UGH!!*

Glad you had a ball though... and even more glad you're home, LOL!!!