Thursday, August 28, 2008

8 Sets of 7

I've been tagged by my girl Heather at Stelliform to answer this very intriguing survey. So here goes!

7 Things I Plan to Do Before I Die:

1. Become a grandmother (not till MUCH later in life, please!)

2. Watch my kids graduate.

3. Go to Tuscany & Ireland.

4. Record a full-length cd of original material.

5. Read my kids the entire Harry Potter series aloud.

6. Own a house in the country with lots of land to roam on.

7. Go to the up and coming Harry Potter theme park with my entire family and fellow HP fan friends.

7 Things I Can Do:

1. Read more than one book at a time.

2. Listen to a song 100 times in a row and still hear something different every time.

3. Give really good hugs.

4. Read random blogs for hours and hours at a time.

5. See my favorite artists in concert over and over and over....

6. Make my husband and kids laugh.

7. Drink an entire pot of coffee in one morning:)

7 Things I Cannot Do:

1. Quit biting my nails!

2. See without contacts or glasses.

3. Quit worrying about EVERYTHING!

4. Pay every bill on time.

5. Handle anything relating to computer hardware and/or software upgrading. (or relating to anything else technological or electronic!)

6. Wash my car on a regular basis.

7. Keep my house clean!!

7 Things that Attract Me to the Opposite Sex:

1. Eyes

2. Height

3. Smile

4. Laugh

5. Long leather jacket (see Nic Cage in Face/Off)

6. Voice

7. Walk

7 Celebrities I Admire:

1. J.K. Rowling

2. Faith Hill

3. Sarah McLachlan

4. Guy Fieri

5. Anne Lamott

6. Frances Mayes

7. Nora Roberts

7 Favorite Foods:

1. Sobo-- a Japanese spaghetti

2. Red Beans & Rice

3. Chicken & Dumplings

4. Mac & Cheese from Iron Starr BBQ

5. Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup

6. My mom's Beef Tip & Noodles

7. Heather's guacamole!!

7 People Who Need to Do This:

1. My dear husband Jr. (myspace)

2. Kathy at 2 Kids 3 Martinis

3. My sister Sarah (myspace)

4. My fellow musicwhore DeAnna (myspace)

5. Re-Todd (myspace)

6. My sweet Bizzo (myspace)

7. My sis-in-law Kristy (myspace)


stargurrl13 said...

I hope I'm already on the list to go to the HP theme park with you all.....if not, please reserve a spot for me!

Jessica said...

You know you're already on the list, girlfriend!!! Muggles Unite!

2 Kids 3 Martinis said...

I was just reading this and saying to myself, "me too! me too!" then saw I was tagged. Okay...I'll get to it soon.
I swear, you are my long lost younger, prettier and apparently not tone deaf twin. :)

Anonymous said...

Lemme know when you're going to the HP theme park- I'm all over it!