Sunday, August 3, 2008

I've been tagged!!!

I've been tagged by 2 Kids... 3 Martinis to reveal some random facts about myself. Her post was freakin' hysterical.. you MUST go check it out!

Here is my response:

Random fact #1- I am deathly afraid of mice. It's much more than a general phobia... it truly puts me into a comatose state. Can't move cause I'm simply frozen with fear.

Random fact #2- I love to watch America's Funniest Home Videos. When Jaxen was a young baby, he would always cry when we watched that show because my laugh scared him. ggl

Random fact #3- I had hot pink hair once. Not by choice exactly--more like the end result of a bad peroxide experiment. It soon faded into a peach which wasn't too bad, LOL. The sad part was that I had the pink hair right around Halloween time so everyone thought I did it for that. I looked like a crayon.

Random fact #4- I took tennis lessons for six summers while growing up. I was actually pretty decent, but then hurt my shoulder in high school and haven't played since.

Random fact #5- Aforementioned shoulder accident did not occur exactly as my parents think it did, but I will save that little tidbit of info for another ten years from now. Some things you shouldn't tell your parents till at least 25 years after they happen, LOL.

Random fact #6- I can bite my toenails. Gross, I know....but if you love me enough to be reading this blog, then you should love me enough to get over the grossness. LOL Hey.. at least I'm still flexible enough to reach my feet:)

Random fact #7- In junior high, I played the role of Sally Brown in "Snoopy" at the local community theatre. And yes, I had Sally bangs. It was a sight to see.

Random fact #8- One of my favorite things to eat is spaghetti noodles doused in soy souce and black pepper.

Random fact #9- I LOVE men with a Scottish accent. I could watch 300 over and over and over just to listen to Gerard Butler. John Hannah is another fave.. check out Sliding Doors if you've never seen it.

So there's some random info about myself. I'd love to learn more about all the people connected to me on this blog, so TAG.. you're it!!! And hey, even if you're not linked to me, I'd love to meet you! Tell me about yourself.


2 Kids 3 Martinis said...

Oh, how fun!
#1. Not me...I love every thing with paws and fur and little beady eyes. So maybe we weren't separated at birth???
#2 I'd love to hear that baby-frightening laugh!
#3. Any pics Miss Oklahoma/Crayola?
#4 &#5. Hmmmm...I know I'd love to hear that story! Sounds like a fun blog post to come!
#6. Yeah, not gonna try that one. But I must say, I am jealous of your flexibility. And my husband is jealous of your soon-to-be.
#7. Any pics of that one too maybe??
#8. Not bad. Now just replace the spaghetti and soy sauce with cottage cheese and ketchup and ya' got yerself somethin' yummy there! (tee hee!)
#9. Oooooo, yeah baby! Any sort of European accent sends me to the battery charger...if ya know what I mean...
#10. Sorry about that #9 comment... thanks for sharing with the class!!!

2 Kids 3 Martinis said...

Yikes! Sorry...I got a little carried away up there...just loved your answers though!
Peace out.