Friday, August 1, 2008

Certain Girls

I just finished reading/ bawling my way through the ending of Certain Girls by Jennifer Weiner. Certain Girls is a continuation of the story of Cannie, Peter and Joy, originally introduced to us in the bestseller Good In Bed. Although I enjoyed GiB, I thought that CG was the better of the two.

Although Jennifer Weiner is considered "chick lit" and tends to get a lot of flack for that, I find her books well written and entertaining, with lovable characters (which is the most important thing to me). She has the ability to draw you into their lives so deeply that you are sad when the book ends... you want to stay in their world forever.

Certain Girls was certainly no exception. I felt Cannie's pain as she dealt with the difficulties of raising a teenager and the shocking loss of... hehe.. no spoilers here!! I also enjoyed the layout of the chapters, which alternated having Cannie and her daughter Joy as narrators.

If you're looking for a relaxing, fast read, that you won't have to think a lot about, but will find yourself thinking about once it's ended... then CG is the book for you. And if you haven't read Jennifer Weiner before, be sure to Good in Bed first. Or try Goodnight Nobody which is a stand alone title. I hope you enjoy her novels as much as I do!!

Happy reading!

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