Monday, August 10, 2009

More Than I Can Chew?

For those two, possibly three, of my readers who don't follow me on Facebook, and are thinking, "What in the world is this girl doing posting a blog? I thought she was going on vacation?", here's the update. My daughter has strep. We've decided to still go on the trip but are delaying our leaving by one day. The doctor said that after being on the antiobiotics for 24 hours, she should be feeling worlds better. So today is going to be a day of rest and rejuvenation (and a more leisurely packing pace for me, since I'm still not done:)). Now that that is out of the way...

I wanted to toss an idea out there that I have been contemplating. I'm thinking of starting a food blog. (I can hear your snickers from here!) Wait, wait! Let me lay out for you the reasons behind this idea and maybe you won't be laughing quite so hard... maybe.

First off, in prior posts I have referenced numerous times my inadequacy as a "housewife". Or at least what I feel to be inadequacy. I'm sure it could also be called laziness as well. When it comes to the kitchen though, a lot of my avoidance stems from the fact that I'm just not comfortable there. I grew up with a mother who was very obsessed with having a clean kitchen-- thus it was not a place where I was allowed to be. Which of course resulted in my having very little experience in the kitchen when I left home. I've always been able to follow a recipe, but if it contains ingredients I'm not familiar with, I steer clear our of fear. Not fear of taste-- I'm up for anything-- but more fear of not knowing how to cook with said ingredient. And I'm certainly not an adventurous being in the kitchen. My husband can look at what's in the cupboard and whip something up that resembles a meal, and often tastes pretty darn good. I have just never had that ability.

Secondly, my daughter has said for around two years now that she wants to be a "cooker" when she grows up. (Some things are just too cute to correct!!) She likes to be my helper in the kitchen, and I desperately want to encourage this behavior. (Not to mention that it will be great when she's big enough to start taking care of dinner:)) But I would like for her to be more of a natural in the kitchen environment than her mother is. Hamburger Helper is the shiznit, but I'd like to encourage a little "from scratch" cooking.

And lastly (although I could go on for days with the reasons I've created in my head), my poor family needs some good food. And what better way to force me into the kitchen than to document my successes - and failures, I'm sure - for you, my lovely readers. I fully recognize that there are a million fantastic food blogs out there, and I'm certainly not striving to be at their level. I simply want to make a mess with my kids and maybe eat a little better in the process.

So there you have it-- my grandiose idea:) What do you think? Would anyone be interested in following the adventures of "The Hall Cookers"? Simply put- I've never cooked a roast... not even in a Crock-Pot. I've never baked a pie. I've never cooked any type of fish. Raw meat scares me. And I think it's time to change that.

Now, off to stare at beautiful food and pick our first challenge. I think
THIS may be the one. I've been lusting after it for months.


shortmama said...

We are two of a kind! I am working on my food blog now. I am still decorating it before I start posting recipes. I however love cooking and being in the gives me actual joy! Maybe you could do a food blog where you feature your daughter in it....Like about how the two of you learn together making fun meals. I plan to feature my oldest like once a week or something doing kid friendly recipes

Jessica said...

That's exactly what I was thinking of, LOL...get outta my head!! :) I thought she would enjoy seeing her pics on here as well.

2 Kids 3 Martinis said...

That's such a GREAT idea!!!! My Nattles wanted to be a "cooker" too! How funny is that? She has actually been begging me to be in the kitchen with her and a friend today, but Momma's been too busy and Barbies just had to do for now.
I am looking forward to your new adventures culinary! (if you need any recipes, my family tells me I'm the BEST cooker evah!-and you can tell by our girth! :) )

Jessica said...

HA, Kathi! You're killing me! I've seen your pics, chica-- you're a hot mama:) That being said... I'd love to hear some of your recipes. I think that's potential post right there--have people share their favorite family recipe. Lord knows I could use some new material;)

Cookers Unite!