Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Year Through My Ears

My dear friend DeAnna posted a fantastic blog on her myspace page about the music that has carried her through 2008, so I've decided to steal her blog idea fair and square.

Here we have it, in no particular order... the artists/album/songs that have shaped my 2008:

1. Sharon Little- Sharon was the opening act at the Robert Plant/Allison Krauss show that I attended earlier this year. And WOW! What an opener!! Although she was a total unknown to me, I enjoyed her set just as much as the headliners. Her album is an excellent purchase, and is very aesthetically pleasing as well. The cd actually looks like a record, while the liner notes have beautiful photos and artwork.

2. Kerli- Hailing from Estonia, this beautiful singer/songwriter appears to be quite emo at first glance, but her music actually consists of very uplifting, keyboard driven melodies. I can listen to this album straight through, which says a lot in my book. No skipping tracks on this one--but a standout track that I highly recommend is "Creationist". "Life is my creation, it's my best friend. Imagination is my defense. Whatever happens, when skies are gray, whatever happens... it's meant that way." How can you not love that sentiment?? She summed up my life philosophy in one song:)

3. Julianne Hough- Widely known for her stunning success on Dancing with the Stars, Julianne released her first country album this past year. And although she isn't the best vocalist I've ever heard, she has a knack for picking great story songs that work well for her style. Catchy, upbeat tunes that are perfect for jamming to in the car. And she chose to release a Rebecca Lynn Howard authored song--- now THAT'S smart thinking!

4. Faith Hill- Joy to the World- My girl FINALLY released a Christmas album. And since I can listen to holiday tunes year round, of course I was totally psyched. Faith did not disappoint on this one. Not only did she cover all the greats (O Holy Night, What Child is This, etc.), but she also released a new track called "A Baby Changes Everything" that is outstanding. I dare you to listen to it and not tear up.

5. Jason Mraz- We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.- Ever since my fellow "Backstage Bettie" Shannen introduced me to the Mraz magic last year, I've been riding the musical high that he provides. His newest album exceeded even my high expectations & his live show that I was lucky enough to attend was simply out of this world. Check out his live version of "Beautiful Mess" on youtube.

6. Wedding Mix 08-08-08- Ok. So technically this shouldn't count since it's a mix that I made, LOL, but since our wedding this year was such a huge part of 2007, this mix deserves to be on the list. I don't know if anyone else noticed the fantastic, meaningful tracks that I put together to be playing while everyone gathered before the ceremony, but that's okay.... I'll forever have the cd to bring back the memory for me.

7. Singer/songwriters--- there were many many wonderful singer/songwriters that hit the mainstream this year, so I'm going to lump them into one. Meiko (which I have not purchased yet, so if you need a Christmas gift idea.... *grin*), Lenka, Ingrid Michaelson, Feist... I'm sure I'm forgetting some... but those were my faves.

So there you have it. A musical snapshot of '07 from my life. I'd love to hear yours!! No pun intended:)

In closing, here is one of my favorite videos of the year as well. It's from before 2007, but I just discovered it this year-- that counts, doesn't itI hope you enjoy!


2 Kids 3 Martinis said...

Woo wee! You're back!! :)

You are such the music reviewer! Very nicely written and I can see how it is such a part of you.

Me? I'm not so much a big music person, but when something new comes out that I like, I get kind of excited because nothing really WOWs me much these days. Right now I LOVE me some Beyonce--put a ring on it, bee-yotch!

Faith Hill has some ungodly long legs, doesn't she? What beautiful voices in that song. Thanks for sharing even if I hate her for taking my share of the supermodel looks--and everyone else's I'm thinking...

DeeDeeLee said...

How on earth could I forget Angie Aparo,..Nice pick!! Wonderland is too great, but you now how much I love this version of cry. Tingly, and warm fuzzies still.

I'm with you on Fiest as well. I really enjoyed that album. You should send me the rest of Sharon Little, I only have two of her songs. I don't know when Sara B. is getting the boot, but she can be my follow up. lol

Sammanthia said...

You're back! I thought maybe you were abducted by aliens.
I may have to steal this (fair and square), what a cool idea.
I'm always looking for new music, so now I'm headed to iTunes.

Anonymous said...

That is a fabulous idea to borrow!!! I found myself nodding as I read your music, "Yeah, that's one I can relate to." Nicely done!