Thursday, September 25, 2008

That's just how my friends roll....

Surrounded by water cooler talk today, I kept hearing the word "concert" which of course led to me interrupting the co-workers' conversation by saying "What concert???". Turns out that Robert Plant and Allison Krauss were scheduled to perform a show in Houston tomorrow night, but due to lovely Hurricane Ike, the show could not go on. With their big hearts wide open and their bank accounts closed, RP and AK decided to come to the OKC Zoo Ampitheatre instead (which is an awesome venue, btw) and put on a Hurricane Ike Relief Concert. 100% of the proceeds go to benefit Hurricane Ike victims. RP and AK are scheduled to perform this weekend at the ACL Music Festival (which I'm still bummed that I'm not going to be at:(), so I'm assuming that OKC was a logical geographical location to have this show.

Of course, I was totally psyched about this development and called my fellow concert-going pal DeAnna to see if she wanted to maybe get tickets. Well, turns out that she's going to be gone this weekend on a Boy Scout trip with her boys...which totally takes precedence over a concert, that's fo sho. So I just mentally chalked it up as a no-go. I hadn't been certain I could afford the tickets anyway since I'm trying to stockpile some money for Christmas.

As I'm driving home, DeAnna calls to tell me that she has called into a local radio station and won two tickets to the show... FOR ME!!! Seriously-- my girl Heather MADE my wedding dress and now Miss Dee is GIVING me free tickets!! How awesome are my friends????

I am so so so so so excited, my dear bloggy friends!! Not only is this going to give me a night out that I've SOOOO desperately been wanting, but I'm going to see two absolutely legendary performers. And drink some Zoo size beers while I'm at it:) Hmmm... maybe I should steal Heather's strategy of sneaking in liquor in travel size shampoo bottles under her boobs. Oh hell... I just remembered that I don't have any. Boobs OR bottles, LOL!

Watch out Zoo Amp! Here I come!!!! And for those who have not had the pleasure of enjoying a RP/AK collaboration... check out this video. Musical genuis, I tell ya!


2 Kids 3 Martinis said...

That RAWKS, girl!
You could hide some booze in that wonderbra of yours, couldn't cha?
It's great how the universe works, isn't it? You obviously are a wonderful friend to have such wonderful friends. :)
Have a great time!

A*B said...

Congrats girly!! I love them both! You will have a fabulous time. Drink one for me:)

Jessican said...

Very good and yes, your have great friends.

I loved the album those two did together. Hope you have a great time.

Sammanthia said...

I love them both, together they're brilliant... you lucky girl!!! I think I need to get new friends.;)
And I like your friend Heather already... sounds like my kinda girl.